The meaning of “Japanese economy” is “govern the world and save the people.”*経済の本当の意味は「経世済民(けいせいさいみん)」世を経(おさ)め、民を済(すく)う

「経済」と聞いて、あなたはどう思うか? 株式市場?儲け?
What do you think when you hear “economy”? Stock market? Gain?

「経済」(kei-zai)= economy

The etymology of “Kei-zai(economy)” is “経世済民(key-sei-sai-min)”.
This means “govern the world and save the people.”

“経(Kei)” is the meaning of  rule or government. ”世(Yo)=”world”  So “経世(key-sei)” is the meaning of “govern the world”.
“済(Zai)” is the meaning of saving or helping. ”民(Min)=”people”    So “済民(zai-min)” is the meaning of “help the people from suffering”.



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