About the weather data and the IoT, I gave a presentation at the seminar room of DELL office.(DELL Technologies EMC)

By “IoT” (Internet of Things), not only the information and communications equipment such as a computer, to have a communication function to various objects (mono) present in the world, by communicating with each other or connect to the Internet, automatic recognition and automatic control, to carry out, such as telemetry.

“Weather data” and “IoT” is excellent synergies.

A person’s state of mind at the high pressure and low pressure will change. Purchasing willingness of customers will vary depending on the weather.

Also change diet menu that humans want to eat by the temperature.


Many women will buy select a lotion that suits your skin.
However, by selectively using the lotion in the day of sunny days and rain, and tell that the skin condition is good to women, girls buy lotion two types.
Sunny daily lotion, high UV protection effect, us to prevent the sebum.
Rain of daily lotion, pearl powder to show brighten the skin color are blended.
In other words, willing to purchase the customer twice the lotion everyday.

Health × weather: When the temperature difference is 5 ℃ or more, heart attack patients and stroke patients will be increased dramatically.

It is essential “temperature difference 5 ℃” to inform in advance “health IoT system” to the elderly.


DELL Inc. owns a great data center (server). These systems are required for IoT business.



Thank you for reading to the end.

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